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Savage 1907
An early American entry into the world of auto-loading pocket pistols came from Utica, NY’s own Savage Arms. While best known for the Model 99 and the Model 110, Savage actually created a pistol that competed with Colt’s 1911 in the pistol selection trials to replace the 38 Long Colt. Of course, the Colt won the trial and the hearts of American shooters for better than 100 years now. The Savage 1907 came first in 32ACP, but later was offered in 380ACP. Totaling 235,000 pistols, the 1907 was made until 1920. Art-Deco in it look and designed by Elbwer Searle, the 1907 is a striker fired pistol that holds 10 rounds in its double stack magazine.
Endorsements for the 1907 were plentiful: Bill Cody, Bat Masterson, and the Pinkertons were just a few of the celebrities and professional gunmen known to favor it. It’s claim to fame was it it could fire “10 shots quick,” and according to Bat and Bill, it never malfunctioned. Truthfully, a fully loaded 1907 could hold 11 rounds, but who is counting? It appears Savage marketed this 10 shot wonder to women, claiming it was easy to aim as just pointing your finger, and it told you at a touch if it was loaded or not. The round piece on the top near the back is the cocking indicator. Ads from the era, including mine in The Saturday Evening Post from 1914, try to compel husbands and brothers to purchase the 1907 for the women in their lives. It appears “burglars and tramps” have been a a long standing issue.
Weighing 19oz, the 1907 is on par with other early American auto pistols, but unlike most other American designs of the era, it lacks a grip safety. Of course, a manual safety is in place. In the hand, the Savage points as advertised. It is quite natural and despite its artistic flare, feels solid and rugged. In fact, the 1907 grants the shooter quite the grip. As with all pistols of the era, the sights leave something to be desired.
Pictured in this article is my representation of the 1907 it was made in 1914.

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