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The Smith and Wesson Shield M&P Plus
SAVE $50 on Smith and Wesson Shield Plus
*Manufacture Rebate on New Shield Plus Models Receive $50 Pre-paid. Valid: 3/11/22 – 5/16/22 Excludes Plus chambered in 30 super carry
With either a standard 10+1 round or 13+1 extended 9mm magazine, the Shield Plus is the next generation in everyday carry. It features an 18-degree grip angle for a more natural point of aim and better recoil management, plus the new flat trigger allows for consistent finger placement for accurate, repeatable, comfortable shooting. The gun features a flat design, so it is easy to conceal. I have personally shot or seen thousands upon thousands of rounds fired through the Shield, and it has never failed to impress me. If you are looking for a smaller handgun with good capacity and is extremely reliable, look no further than the S&W Shield Plus.
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Mas Ayoob ( Sponsored by Top Gun Academy)

MAG20/Classroom – Armed Citizen’s Rules of Engagement by Mas Ayoob

we are honored to host Mas Ayoob at TopGun in May of 2022. NOW is the time to sign up today
Ayoob MAG 20 (classroom) May 19-20
Ayoob MAG 20 (live fire) May 21-22


Introduction to AR-15

 About this event

The AR-15 has quickly become the most popular rifle in the USA. Proper instruction in its use, how it works, and how to maintain it, is a must. In our 4 hour Intro to Carbine class we cover:

    • Weapon selection
    • AR Manipulations
    • Ammunition/Terminal Ballistics
    • Sight Adjustment
    • Sight Offset
    • Weapon accessories
    • Weapon modifications
    • Maintenance

In the hands of a properly trained person, the AR-15 or other semiautomatic rifle is a powerful tool for self defense and the defense of liberty. In the hands of the untrained, it is little more than a dangerous toy. If you own or plan to own an AR-15 or the like, this class is a must.

Time: 4 hours
Prerequisites: None
Age requirements: 18
Class requirements: AR-15 rifle, 2 magazines, 150 rounds of ammunition*, eye and ear protection All of the gear is available for rent or purchase at the TopGun Pro Shop. * You must use TopGun’s ammunition for this class
Cost: $110

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I Have This Old Gun…..

Savage 1907
An early American entry into the world of auto-loading pocket pistols came from Utica, NY’s own Savage Arms.