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Top Gun Range in Memphis, TN is a full-service gun and range megastore. With 23 lanes of shooting spread out over two giant ranges (complete with a full staff of certified NRA Range Safety officers), a full inventory of guns, ammunition and accessories, a full service sit-down Barbecue restaurant, a series of ever-expanding shooting classes led by world-class instructors, and meeting rooms for your special events, along with the ability to structure any group package so that it meets your needs, Top Gun is the go-to place for every type of shooter.

The range areas are 50 yards and 25 yards in length with automated targets and bench-rest style shooting lanes. Safety is of the utmost importance throughout our entire facility. Handgun, long gun and fully automatic rentals are available on-site seven days a week.  We have both factory ammunition and range ammunition that meets whatever need you might have. We allow 223/7.62 and 300 Blackout calibers on our range provided that you use our frangible ammunition. You can use your own magazines! 

We allow shotguns and AR-style firearms anytime. We do not allow steel shot/ammunition for safety reasons. 

We have the best selection in the Greater Memphis Area of fully automatic rentals for your enjoyment. Calibers are available in .32 through 40mm, along with .223 and an AK-47.  Each time a fully automatic gun is rented it is accompanied by a Range Safety Officer so that the shooting experience will be enjoyable and safe. You do have to be 18 or over to rent the fully automatic weapons but you do not have to have any experience because of the great care our Range Safety Officers exercise when helping you shoot.

Families are welcome in our entire facility. We strive to maintain a superbly clean and moral environment geared toward individuals who want to simply enjoy being out in a non-threatening atmosphere. We have customers from ages 7 to 95 and we love them all. We even have several customers who come just to eat and watch the shooters out of the observation windows in the restaurant!

We have many special events and promotions each week so that everyone can enjoy the range experience. If you would like us to put together a special event for your group, small or large, please contact us and let us help.

It is likely that the most important thing to us at Top Gun, besides safety, is customer service. We take steps to make sure all our employees are happy and that every single customer who comes into our store feels like a member of our family.  We value every customer that walks in our door. Give us a chance and we promise to do everything in our power to impress upon you our gratefulness for your patronage. 

General Pricing:

    • Lane$18.00 (per one)
    • Lane$28.00(two people)
    • Eye Protection$3.00
    • Ear Protection$2.00 Muffs .50 Foam Ear Plugs
    • Targets$1.50 (per target), 5 Targets ($5.00)
    • Handgun rental$10.00
    • Long-gun rental$20.00
    • Full Automatic Pistol$35.99
    • Full Automatic Rife$39.99

Full Auto Rentals are 30 round Magazine

Magazines for the Full Automatics:

Ammo Pricing:

  • 9mm$
  • 40cal$
  • 32auto$
  • 7.62 x 39 mags$
  • 223 mags$
  • 7.62 x 25T mags$

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