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At Top Gun Academy, we take pride in providing comprehensive firearms training that caters to all levels of shooters, ranging from beginners to advanced. Our courses are designed help you develop your skills and knowledge in safe and supportive environment. In addition to group classes, we offer private lessons that provide one-on-one instruction to help you achieve your shooting goals. Whether you're looking to improve your accuracy, speed, or overall proficiency, Top Gun Academy is here to help you become a better shooter.

Guest Instructors

Gabe White - Pistol Shooting Solutions - August 17th-18th 2024

Brian Hill - The Inner Game of Shooting - August 24th-25th, 2024

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

Top Gun Academy classes guarantee your seat in class. We do not overbook classes. Your payment is for a seat in the class, only.  If you choose to not use your seat, that is your prerogative. If you choose to give or sell your seat to someone else, that is also your choice.  If you prepay for a class code, the code also belongs to you, and you can use it as you see fit.  There is no expiration for the code.  We do not refund class tuition.  Classes can be reschedule per our reschedule and cancellation policy.

We will happily reschedule with no fees as long as you give us a full week’s notice. That is to say, if your class is on a Saturday, you can reschedule with no fee as long as you let us know at least by the Saturday prior. With less than a week, a $30 fee is required to reschedule. MTP and Armed Guard classes have  a higher reschedule fee ($60).  If you simply don’t show up, we do not reschedule.


While we will put great effort towards your success, we can’t guarantee your results in the class. Class failure will not result in a refund.

  • Why should I consider getting a membership at Top Gun Memphis?
    A membership at Top Gun Memphis is a great investment for both new gun owners and longtime veterans. Our range provides a safe and professional environment for individuals to develop and hone their shooting skills. Whether you are looking to improve your marksmanship, familiarize yourself with different firearms, or train for self-defense purposes, a membership at Top Gun Memphis offers you the opportunity to achieve personal success. Even if you own a lot of land, our range membership can still be beneficial to you as it provides a structured and controlled environment for shooting practice. Furthermore, our range offers a sense of community and camaraderie, allowing members to connect with like-minded individuals and also engage in training and educational programs. Joining our range is not only about shooting, but it's also about personal development and growth as an individual.
  • What is unlimited range time?
    All Top Gun Memberships waive range rental fees, members receive free range time. If a waitlist is in effect, Members are placed at the top of the list!
  • How often can I bring a guest?
    The Gold and Platinum Memberships allow for one guest pass per month, while the Family membership allows for one guest pass per visit!
  • How do I get my membership discounts?
    Membership discounts are added to your customer profile depending what level of membership you purchased. Keep an eye out for special Member's Only Sales!
  • Will I receive a member card?
    Yes! As inventory permits, members receive a card upon signup to check into the range faster! If you are a member and have not received your card, please ask an employee for one next time you stop by the range.
  • How will I be billed?
    Monthly memberships are billed automatically on the first of every month. Annual Memberships do not automatically renew. Top Gun offers Annual billing plans for all memberships, meanwhile Monthly billing plans are only offered for Gold, Platinum, and Senior memberships.
  • What if my card expires or doesn't successfully charge?
    You will be notified via email of any issues related to your card processing. Please ensure your email information in store is accurate to make sure you receive these notifications. Please note that we will attempt to re-run missed charges, so late payments may result in multiple charges in the same month. The easiest way to update your card information is in store, but you can also email with your new card information or call to update your card information.
  • How do I update my card information?
    The easiest way to update your membership card on file is in store! Next time you stop by the range, ask to update your card on file! Members can also email or call to update card information.
  • What if I want to switch membership levels?
    To switch membership levels, please visit us in-store. Employees will be happy to help you upgrade your membership!
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Monthly memberships may be canceled by providing a ten (10) day notice prior to the first of the month to ensure you are not charged. To cancel your membership, please send an email to with your name and phone number! Annual memberships do not automatically renew, so there is no need to cancel!
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