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  • Eyes and ear protection are required.

  • Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times.

  • Range-appropriate attire should be worn. No open-toed shoes, low-cut tops, etc. 

  • Guns must remain holstered, in a bag, or a carrier unless being handled inside the booth.

  • Handle the firearm only inside the firing booth, forward of the yellow line.

  • Only graduates in good standing of Beyond the Permit I may draw from the holster. A draw card will be issued by the staff.

  • If anything (gun, magazine, ammunition, etc…) falls forward of the white firing line, do not retrieve it. Ask the Range Safety Officer (RSO) for assistance.

  • If you need assistance with your firearm, leave it in the booth pointing down range before asking the Range Safety Officer (RSO) or any staff member for help.

  • Only one shooter in the booth at a time.

  • Do not shoot across lanes. 

  • Do not shoot the floor, ceiling, walls, or other range equipment. Ensure every round impacts the backstop.


  • Shooters 21+ are allowed to purchase handgun caliber ammo, rent handguns, and participate in the Full Auto Experience.

  • Shooters ages 18-20 are allowed to purchase long gun caliber ammo, rent long guns, and shoot long guns.  If they are with someone 21+ that person is responsible for them to shoot handguns. 

  • Shooters ages 13-17 must have a legal parent or guardian shoot with them in the booth. 

  • Shooters ages 8-12 are only allowed to shoot .22 LR (Rimfire) ammunition with a legal parent or guardian in the booth. 

  • Children under the age of 8 years old are not allowed on the range.


  • No steel-cased, steel core, tracer, bolo, flechette, or armor-piercing ammunition.

  • No black powder firearms allowed.

  • Most handgun and long gun ammo is allowed except for what is listed above. 

  • Rifle caliber firearms MUST have at least a 10.5" barrel, a stock or brace, and sights.  

  • No binary triggers.

  • No personal full auto firearms. 


  • No food, drink, smoking, or electronic cigarettes on the range.

  • No one under the influence of any substance is allowed on the range. Individuals smelling of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed in the facility.

  • No horseplay of any kind.  

  • Shooters must be able to understand the Waiver, Rules, and Range Safety Officer (RSO) instructions to be allowed on the range.  

  • Pregnant women are not allowed on the range.

  • The Range Safety Officer (RSO) & Staff have authority over all range activity.

  • Those unwilling to follow Top Gun’s range rules or safety rules will be asked to leave.

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